Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oh, SNAP! It's almost August!!!

Hey everyone!!!  OH SNAP!!  August is in like two weeks!!!!  (Insert gasp!)

Seriously, I am so excited to be part of this Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals' linky!!  This is one of my favorite blogs because I have found so many DEALS AND STEALS on products that I LOVE!!!!   

And believe it or not the summer is the PERFECT time to find steals and deals at Teachers Pay Teachers!   You know what you need during the year, your brain is not a big ol' mess of crazy, AND you have time to shop for the products you love that are just right!  AND a big giant have a little extra time to put your new units together!  

I have been a printing and laminating like looney tune getting ready for next year.  Why? Because...

"My year will be a little less stressful!!" 

Can you see my finger quotes???
That is exactly what I tell myself.

BUT I want to tell you all about my new product, BIG MOUTH!!!  I am so excited to use this with my little firsties this year.  Ya is hard sometimes when you are a firstie.  You have to remember signs and big numbers and little numbers.  Let's not even talk about equal numbers.  It can be tough. make all that  a little easier...

I use the alligator mouth and I know a lot of teachers do.  It's fun and easy to understand. (If I were an alligator, I would eat the bigger number, too!) I have heard some teachers say not to use the alligator mouth, but I think using it helps younger students to use those signs. 

Just to make it a little MORE fun...I add the name, Big Mouth, for my students.  They understand that that Big Mouth has to eat the BIG number.  (Of course!)  The other end is a small point, so why shouldn't it point to the smaller number?

Big Mouth was created!  

This summer, Big Mouth was finally made into a unit!!  And you get to peek inside!  I have included posters, games, and worksheets to use in class. 

Here is what's inside!  

There are posters that you can use as anchor charts or slides on your Smartboard.  I like to do both! 

There are printables to practice! 

There are games to play, a writing activity, and a craftivity! 

You can find this unit by clicking on any of the BIG MOUTH photos above or you can click HERE!  This little guy...I mean BIG guy will be $1.00 for the next three days.  You won't find it at a lower price ever will definitely want to SNAP it UP!! :)

Here are the dollar dates:
August 15, 2015
August 16, 2015
August 17, 2015
Please, make sure you come by every month to see our linky at Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals, AND come see my post on the 25th of every month!  That's my day to share an awesome $$$$ DEAL!!!!   I would love to stay connected so follow me in your favorite social media, or even better all of them!  

I promise not to hard.  Just kidding! 

Hoping you have a great August!! 

Much Love!!!

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