Saturday, October 25, 2014



Hey y'all!  This is Shana Grooms from Mrs. Grooms' Room.  I am so glad to be back!  

Have you been feeling a little under the weather lately?  

Is this so true or what????

Being a teacher and being sick?  Not ideal! You definitely have to take your vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and exercise.  But if you aren't able to lick doorknobs just yet (ok...just kidding...sorry!!), and you need sub plans for your little ones, check-out my substitute plans below for The Little Red Hen!!  

I love to have my plans available and ready for my sub but sometimes getting sick means just whipping out something for your poor substitute teacher!  And you and I both know that IS THE WORST!  You don't feel like and your sub won't be feeling it either.  :(  

Luckily for me?  No crazy germs yet!  So far... my vitamin-packed force-field has been ultra-effective this year!!  

However, you now can grab this little set of plans for your kiddies for just a BUCK! Being sick won't be so HORRIBLE!  

Let's take a peek!

Here are some of the things that you will find in my sub plans!

Complete plans for your substitute teacher that are simple to understand!  

Got to make those words work, people!  Even if you can't!!! 
Mystery Word:  Chicken

How can we help that hard-working Little Red Hen? Let's give her some advice! 

 For math, use the grain group counters to count up larger numbers.  Use the single counters to count your ones!

What came first the Little Red Hen or the egg?  We got to learn all about the life cycle of a chicken!   You will be healthy again...don't worry! 

AND THERE IS A LOT MORE!! You can check out my sub plans at my TPT store, Mrs. Grooms' Room.  This will make being sick just a little bit easier!  Take those vitamins!!!

And the most super thing of all is that it is only a DOLLAR!!  

WHOOO needs sub plans?  NOT I!  AND NOW NOT YOU!!!  

By the way...isn't chicken soup orange juice really effective for colds and the flu?  :/

 Just click on the link below!  

Friday, October 3, 2014


HELLLLOOOO SWEEEEEET FRIENNNNNDS!!  (Hoping that sounds spooky-ish) :) 

I am linking up with Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten!  This is a post to help you with some tricks ideas  and give you some treats awesome freebies.   I am so excited to be part of it!!  I love nothing better than an awesome trick to use with my students and a sweet treat to take with me!  Chocolate-covered, of course....

Here is my TRICK...

Okay, one of my favorite things to do with my kiddies is to read stories to my students and use my crazy voices.  And 99.9 percent of the time, my voices are hideous.  But my kiddies love them anyway.  Isn't that kind of scary? of the ways that I like to tell my stories is to use VoiceThread!  Now if you have never use VoiceThread, think of it as storytelling magic or even Reading Rainbow.  It can just wisp you away and take you to another place but slightly more homemade.  

VoiceThread is actually free for the first five VoiceThreads that you do.  It is just a collection of pictures or photos that you or your students can tell stories about, read, or create discussion with others.  Now, I know I sound like a VoiceThread commercial BUT I promise it is easy to use and it something I go back to all the time! 

There are how-to lessons on using VoiceThread but let me tell you friends, if you can do facebook, you can do VoiceThread.  You just up load your pictures and add a comment to that particular picture.  The comment is actually just you or your students talking, reading, or discussing with others. You press a button and begin to read.  It records your voice and puts it all together for you.  Check this out...this is my Pumpkin Jack version.  (My book is much like Pumpkin Jack, gone.  But no new book has grown back. I don't get it.)  So to save the story?  I did a VoiceThread for Pumpkin Jack.  Please don't laugh and tell me...laugh and don't tell me.  I will never know.  

 I know...I sound hideous but my kids love it.

Cool, huh?  I love VoiceThread.  AND the great thing about it?  Is that you can use it with anything!  Not just Pumpkin Jack! 

Here is my treat...

It is a sweet little e-book on the life cycle of a pumpkin.  Please download at my TPT store and please leave me your sweet thoughts!  I hope you enjoy it!  Have a wonderful time TRICK OR TREATING!!!  

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