Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to School Blog Hop

Hey everyone!!  

Can you believe it is Back to School already? I am so glad to be linking up with Tammy from The Owl Teacher!!!   She has an awesome giveaway that you have got to ENTER!!!!  And even though I was late to the party today... I feel like I am in beast PREPARE mode. 

I have a Back to School idea for you!!   
My Back to School idea is about student birthdays!!!  

One thing that I have found with student birthdays is that  
1) Birthdays are the most important day of the year in a kid's life besides Christmas.  
2)  If you do something with one student no matter what it is, you have to do it with the rest of the students.  They totally remember!!!!  

One thing that I am preparing for this year is BIRTHDAYS.  I don't go CUHRAZY for birthdays BUT we do do these three things:  We sing, "Happy Birthday," my students wear a cute little bulletin border crown, and they get a Birthday Bag.  

The Birthday Bag.

It's like a plastic baggie with a few sweet candies, a couple of cute pencils and some coupons.  BUT to my students its like PURE GOLD.  (So cute and so funny...I love how proud they are about it.)  

 (Don't laugh...its an older version of the birthday bag.)

So here is my hot mess... 

The office at my school calls out the birthdays of all our students every day, and when they call out your name, you get to go to the office to get your pencil and lollipop.  

It's GO TIME for me! 

NOW imagine whirlwind CUHRAZY ME trying to get everything together in five chaotic minutes...a crown, birthday pencils, coupons, erasers, and candy together in one little plastic bag for my little darling to surprise them as they come through the door and we sing "Happy Birthday!"  


I drove myself CUHRAZY because I didn't have my birthdays ducks in a row. That had to change. NOW?  Birthdays are a breeze!!  Now...I prepare all of my birthday bags at the beginning of the year!!!  And it has made my life a thousand times easier!! I simply have the crown ready to staple, and I go to my closet and put the Birthday Bag on my student's desk.  No hot mess or chaotic whirlwinds.  I have no stress, I am prepared, I have a procedure and a tradition that my kids expect and love. 

What do I do?  I buy enough pencils, erasers, and candies to do enough Birthday Bags for an entire class.  I go get erasers, pencils, prizes, candy, and coupons.  I simply sit and make them like I do treat bags. 

Now for the coupons!  You can use these cuties to put inside your bags.  Your students will love them!!  There is one to wish your student a happy birthday, one coupon for NO homework, and a free time coupon.  Cut and stick them in your Birthday Bags...easy-peasy and your birthdays are ready to celebrate!!!  (By the way, my kids LOVE iPad time for their free time it makes for a great birthday morning.)

Please click HERE to grab your free birthday coupons!

What do you do for your students' birthdays? 

Remember to enter the giveaway at The Owl Tree!!!  There are some awesome prizes to WIN and some fantastic blogs with freebies, ideas, and tips for you! 

Have a great year!!!  

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  1. Getting your birthday bags ready ahead of time is brilliant. What a time saver throughout the year.
    Crockett's Classroom . . . Forever in Third Grade

  2. Love love LOVE the birthday bag idea! I teach middle school and have ~120 students, but a nice pencil with an eraser will help them feel appreciated. Another idea is to simply do it with my homeroom. Thanks for the tip!