Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hey everyone!!  
I am linking up with Farley,  at Oh, Boy 4th Grade!  Thank you so much, Farley!  I love this link-up!  It's so much fun!  

My three little nieces are all going to be together for the next three weeks at their Gigi's house and bless them all.  It is soooo much FUN!!!  They are so giggly, and cute and they love to do everything.  

SO Aunt Fifi (me) will be taking them to the Children's Museum and to my house.  My husband and I are creating a scavenger hunt for them.  My husband, is on it like a P on please!!!  WE are even going to buy old coins for them to "find."  Maybe I should get them a hat like Indiana Jones.  (CUTE!)  

We are working on a cardboard Barbie house.  But they are going to have to do the outside remodel and the interior design.  Don't tell!!!  But Fifi has donuts to make and that is like 10 minutes I can sneak in!!  :)

BUT this is what memories are made of!!!  

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  1. I am with you on wanting to go to Vegas! Seeing everyone's post with all their fabulous stuff they are taking is making me want to go even more! Here's to hoping we make it next year! Enjoy the rest of you summer it is going by way to fast!!!!!

    1. Vegas? I know your pain. We will be there next year!!! Thank you and have a great summer!!!

  2. I am not going to Vegas either but that's OK I will enjoy looking at everyone's pics. You sound like the funnest aunt ever! Your nieces and very lucky! Have fun!
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    1. I am glad I am not the only one, Lorraine. I will be taking notes even though I am at home. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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