Saturday, August 1, 2015

Educents has a Bundle for YOU!!!

To go to the direct link CLICK HERE!   Or click on the picture above!  :)

Many of us are in back to school mode already!

So some friends and I have teamed up to load you up with resources to make teaching a bit easier!  

You will get 72% off First and Second Grade Curriculum. 16 instant downloads with 682 pages of materials including interactive notebooks, craftivities, centers, printables, and more!  

Stock up on curriculum that you need! This download includes 682 pages of materials covering everything from reading to math and even some great science too!

Full retail value of $71.98 and only available for a limited time.  $19.99 which is 72% off!  

Extreme value alert!

Includes 19 instant downloads and materials including printables, lap book, reading curriculum, easy to play games, and much, much more.

Academic Concepts Covered
addition with regrouping
and more!

You get 16 (YES!!  I said 16!!) great products in this bundle!!  That is paying less than $1.50 for each one!! And one of these are from me!!!!

From me you will receive:    

Wordy Bird:  A K-2 Student Dictionary by Mrs. Grooms' Room.  Are you ready to make your student writers more independent? These student dictionaries are WONDERFUL to use for any writing assignment.  You will find a page for every letter that includes commonly used words that begin with that letter, and extra lines to write newly learned words. This ink-friendly dictionary comes with other words lists, like colors, foods, animals, and family members. Just copy your dictionary, plus the extra lists that you want to use, and bind them together . Your writing assistants are ready to help! The regular price is $3.00 and 46 pages are included.

But that's not all!  Check out what else you get:

Back-to-School Activities: Read All About Me by Practice Makes Perfect.

Listen Up! Sound Waves and Hearing by The Hands-On Teacher in First!.

72% off and only for a limited time!  
Head on over to Educents to stock up for your first or second grade year!  

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