Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sometimes a challenge is exactly what you need...

So some of the sweetest TPT sellers have started a TPT seller challenge.  And of course...shouldn't we all be out of our comfort zone just a little bit??   It keeps us fresh, inspired, and eager to move forward.   I am so excited!! This is exactly what I needed!  A big ol' kick in the fanny!   

So I took the challenge, to be better as a TPT seller, and to to grow my little store into a thriving store!  

(Seriously...this is me!!!)  

TPT Seller Challenge Week 1: Makeover Madness


For our first challenge, we had several activities to complete to help with our final products.  These activities really have helped me grow as a TPT author!!!

 Here is my cute little Dear President...A Letter Writing Unit.  

I think just changing my graphics helped A TON!!!   So to celebrate we are making it half off!  PLUS the 20 percent off today (July 4th) and Sunday (July 5th)?  YOU gotta check it out!!!! Just click on the photos above or below. 

Here are some of the pages you will find inside.

My students loved writing to the President especially after they had learned all about his job and about some of the other Presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.   

Okay...uh hummm....Mr. President...we are still waiting on our letter back!  Just are a busy man...running a country and everything.  :)

TpT Seller Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream!
It's time to DREAM BIG! This week Amber, Ashley, Emily, and Jen were all encouraging TPT sellers to blog about our dreams for TPT and our little stores.  You can find their dreams for TPT just by clicking on their names. Amber,  Ashley,  Emily, and Jen.   And here is mine!

1.  Bills, bills, bills!  It's not like I am asking for the moon, right?  Ha!  I just want to pay my bills.   That would be wonderful!!!  That would make my heart happy and I could sleep like a baby.  

2.  Travel the world with my husband.  Truly, this guy is my best friend.  And I love him with every fiber of my being.  We never got to go on a honeymoon and I would LOVE to go to Europe with him, or around the world, or anywhere, or everywhere!!!  He's so stinkin' great!  

3.  Write a children's book.   I LOVE children's books.  Way more than grown-up books and I love to draw. I love telling my students all about the crazy adventures my brother and I got into when we were younger.  AND my students LOVE to hear them!!!  

(Or maybe they just don't want to do their work...hmmm!)  

4. Create my own clip art.  (A little unknown fact: I am an art flunky.  Okay...okay...not really. I just had two majors and art was the major that got left behind.  I would have to stay one more semester, and I just couldn't do it. It wasn't cost effective.  I have no regrets, tho.  I love what I do!  AND I still get to love all the artsy-fartsy stuff. 

Here are some of my pieces:  

So onto the next TPT Seller Challenge!!   I can't wait to share it with you!!!  

Just a couple more sweet friend Melissa Dailey at Mrs. Dailey's Classroom is having an AWESOME giveaway over at her blog.  She is celebrating 1000 TPT Followers and I am celebrating with her.  SO please go enter...she has some really awesome prizes!  (Like the way cool ERIN CONDREN planner!!! )

Just click on the pic below to enter the rafflecopter on her blog! 


Come see me around 9:30-ish on my facebook page?  :) 


AND that isn't the only givaway going of my favorite blogs...The Elementary Entourage is having a giveaway, too!  We have a whole bunch of new friends joining us on our adventure!  So come celebrate with us!!  

Click on the photo below to enter the giveaway! 

Check out my sale and lots of other TPT authors who have their stores on sale for the Fourth of July! 

You can get to my store by clicking on my button! 

Hoping you have a great Fourth of July! 

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