Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey everyone!!  
I am sooooo excited about Teachers Pay Teachers sale!!!  It's been a while and my wishlist is getting a LOT bigger than me.  Haha!!  Have you ever looked at someone else's shopping cart at Target?? And said "Where did you get that???" That is me at Teachers Pay Teachers.  SO I thought I would let you peak at mine....

Here are some awesome units that I have found and I can't wait to get my teacher paws on...

This is a unit from Brittany Lynch over at Tickled Pink in Primary!!  I LOVE this unit. In her bundle, she has 6 slideshows with Fry's first 100 words. She has divided the slideshows into the fry word order which includes 5 slideshows with 20 words each and one slideshow that has ALL 100 words. Each slideshow has 5 different exercises for students to do.  

I am a firm believer when it comes to students moving and learning. Have you ever read the Brain Gym books?  Brittany's unit is a great example of how to increase learning by moving. kiddos have to learn their word wall words.  If you would like to take a peak at this awesome on the picture below.  

Mrs. do you spell here?  

(We learned this word weeks ago.)

Seriously, I am going to just set it up as a center and let them practice!!!!

The next thing on my list is from Melissa Dailey at Mrs. Dailey's Classroom.  It is her Year Long Writing Program!  They have been on my list forever!! I can't wait to implement them in my classroom.  I plan on doing it during our morning time because it is a great way to warm up those dendrites, and it will give me time to get attendance and lunch count down. One sheet of morning work is just not enough anymore.  I can't EVER get enough writing in during the day or at least it certainly feels that way.  

AND I can start the year off "WRITE" next year.  :)  

Students get a strip to use in their journals each week.  They simply paste it on their page and begin writing!!  OR you could even post it on your smartboard.  EVEN better!!  I LOVE IT!  I have tried samples of her work and they work GREAT!!  SO...I am really excited to get the ENTIRE YEAR for such a great deal!!!  

My third resource is from Teach Two Reach!  She has the cutest unit on weather...complete with interactive notebook pages and crafts!  There are so many different activities to use!  Not only will they be writing but learning as well!  AND these will work great when we do our non-fiction writings!!!  I think the hat is one of my cute!!!  

One of the things that my students LOVED last year was the addition version of Bubble Gum Math!!  They earned their bubblegum pieces for each fact family they learned and a piece of bubblegum!!  It was so fun!  We are actually getting ready to begin our addition this year in just a couple of weeks.  Sooo...why not try the subtraction version of Bubble Gum Math?    SOO fun!!  And they really work on getting those facts down!!  It is amazing at what a little piece of gum can do!  This is by Fluttering Through First Grade

My last BUT not least item on my wishlist is from The Crazy Schoolteacher!  
(I can totally relate to her name.)

I think this will be perfect for our solar system unit!!  And we can get our personal narratives written!!  

 Isn't this the cutest???  Aaggh!! 

So now I want to take a peek in your cart!!  :)  What is on your wishlist? 

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  1. OOOH I love that weather unit, I'm heading over to check it out right now!

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  3. I love the bubble gum math. I might be moving to 1st next year and that would come in handy!

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