Sunday, February 8, 2015

Secret Admirer Blog Hop

Hi everyone!!   

Can you believe this Friday we are going to be passing out Valentine's Day cards??  Actually, it is always one my students' favorite holidays.  You would think Christmas would be their favorite holiday but ummm....nope!!!  They really love Valentine's Day!!   Which is appropriate! 

At The Elementary Entourage, we love it too!!  In fact, we are celebrating with each other. We got to exchange cards and I got to send a card to the awesome Kelsey Brosey from Aloha to Second!  Shhh....don't say anything just yet to Kelsey.   I don't think she has got my card yet.  Too bad we can't go stick their Valentine card in their decorated Valentine bag.  Haha.  

We are decorating boxes for Valentine's Day this week.  Have you seen some of those cute boxes?  It amazes me at all of the love and creativity that goes into those boxes. Wonderful!!  

Of course, we, at The Elementary Entourage, had to give our loyal and wonderful followers a Valentine too!! Why???   Cause we are sweet on YOU!! Of course, this kind of Valentine is for you to use in your classroom.  And we hope you can!!  You know how much I love jokes so I made a set for you.  Just print, cut, and sign!  Easy-peasy! 

Let me know if you think these jokes are the cutest!!!!  Just click on the picture! 

Much love and learning!!!  

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We would LOVE for you to join us!!  Just click on the next blog button below.  It will take you to the next blog!  You can read all about their secret admirer, and grab a Valentine treat! Leave us a comment and let us know what you do for Valentine's Day!  Remember to tell your friends to join us, too!!  

Happy Valentine's Day sweet friends.  


  1. I just LOVE all of those valentines boxes. Seriously, that bumblebee! Too stinkin' cute! And JOke valentines? AWESOME IDEA!

    Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten

  2. Wow! You have some talents parents, those boxes are amazing! I LOVE the idea of the joke valentines.

  3. wowzers, those boxes are soo cute and creative and take patience..haha!

  4. hahaha I love this! Don't worry about it - it's not even Valentine's Day yet, so you're not late! :] I also LOVE the jokes on the cards. Such a cute idea! :]