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What is a CLOCK or bleepteebogtoodadee?  

Sesame Street:  Martians Meet a Clock

Can you believe this?  Today is our third day of school and we have already started time!  I know!!!  I am already counting the minutes on our clock literally.  Ha!  Time is a BIG part of our calendar time...clearing many jokes, so little time. (I see you smiling!)  

We will be counting groups of fives and ones on our clock in the next two weeks. Can you believe that?  There are just so many things you can do with a simple clock. Counting patterns, symmetry, fractions, sequence, units of time, day and night, elapsed time...just not enough time.  

My GOAL EVERY YEAR?   My kids will be rocking around the clock! ;) 

Below are some of the things you will see in my classroom throughout the year! 

(Sorry about my cute little printer is sweet and wonderful...and dying.) 

 It's two of my favorite hands on the clock!! 

(Look at Baby Hour's diaper and pacifier!!  CUTE!!!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Momma Minute and Baby Hour.  We have already started talking about Momma Minute and Baby Hour in my class this year.   Unbelievable?!  I know!  But it is so important that we know and understand time.  

We do a little every day.
Here are some things we do in class:

1) We count every minute for the first 60 days so students can see how the minutes on the clock are grouped.  We color-code our groups of five, too.  One group is usually red and the other group is usually blue.  This of course creates an awesome pattern for students to see.  

2)  We talk about how we can count the minutes in groups of fives or ones.  Then we count the minutes by fives and ones!  It's definitely a daily discussion.  :)  

3) We do one minute of exercises or stretches to understand how one minute feels.  A minute on one foot, people, feels longer than one minute!!!  :)

4) We use the flash cards and games later to practice our time in centers but we talk about the rules EVERY day!  For example, "When Momma Minute is on the six, Baby Hour will be between two numbers."   

It's simple and it doesn't take a long time.  Five minutes, maybe?

By the time, we actually get to time, it's not that scary, and it's not that hard.
That is a concept mastered!!!  

Here are some cute videos that are great to use in class! 

What's the Time?

How to Teach Time - Time for Friends - Educational Short Story

Ticktock Minutes: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days


I have also teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! Loaded with great activities like interactive notebooks, games, printables, and centers!  It's like having literacy, math, science that stretches throughout the year!  And it's simply a click away!!!  


This is one of my favorite units of all times.  We use this easy concept of time during our calendar time.  Students easily identify Momma Minute and Baby Hour because of their name and NOW we have the characters to go with it!  There are lots of games, printables, activities, and even a simple craft that students can use to practice time at home.  


This little show-stopping unit is one of my best sellers!!  Why?  I think Balance and Motion can be tough to teach the little ones.  You are dealing with a lot of unseen forces and how do you explain gravity if you can't actually see it?  Well...even though you can't see these forces, kids know what balance means and they know that things fall to the ground.  They understand push and pull and this unit gives them the tools to practice these ideas! 

There are practice sheets and printables to help reinforce your experiments, ideas, and activities.  It's a great addition to your balance and motion unit!!

For a limited time it is $24.99 from Educents which is about 78% off!  24 products for  literacy, math, and science - resources that will stretch you long into your year.  And over 1200 pages of materials ready for you to use - there is sure to be tons you will love!

(This is probably one of my favorite bundles.  There is so much I am going to be able to use this year!!  AND This gives me more money to spend at Educents later!)  ;) 

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

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Do you have an Educents' account yet?  If you don't, get one now!!  You will not be disappointed.  Before I even started blogging, I was a Educents fan and the great thing about Educents is that you get a big ol' bundle of student activities, ideas, craftivities, printables, and games for a low low price!!  As a teacher, you have to be frugal and Educents can help you be a frugal teacher!

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