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Hey y'all!  

Welcome to Mrs. Grooms' Room!   

I am so glad you are here to see my sweet little room!  If you see something a little off, just know we are a working classroom.  Goodness!  Things can get messy!  So just bear with me.  If you see anything that was created by yourself, I CREDIT you!!  Please leave me a comment below and I will give you credit in my post.  I honestly don't know how I made it before without my blogger friends, Pinterest, and Teachers Pay Teachers!??  This classroom is because of you!  :)

I have left comments under my pictures.  In most of my posts, the left is the before photo and the right photo is the after photo.  I wish I had more cute little arrows and happy notes but my other laptop is sniff...with a I am using my oldie but sweetie, without a virus laptop!!  Promise to still love me!?  :)

Classroom Theme:    Black, White, and Sprinkles of Yellow

My little corner of the world...this is where all of the magic happens!
I am sure you can see the before and after.   Where do I put all of those tubs?  Under my computer counter!  Can you tell they are there?
"I don't need any more storage space.  But thanks anyway!" said NO TEACHER EVER!
(Sorry about all my stuff!  I was just getting ready to leave.)

Not a lot of change...

My awesome Promethean Board!  I LOVE this board!  It is my dearest and bestest companion in the classroom.  Does anyone remember when we used the overhead projector? :/

Folders with Chalkboard Labels 
Cute, right?

I's probably not Pin-worthy BUT it is really cute and it matches my room.  I had to do it, friends!!   I am going to write their cute little names on the chalkboard labels in white with my white paint pen.  The labels?  I got them from the Dolla Tree!!!  Oh yes, people!  That is why I love that place!  The folders?  I got the folders from Target.  50 cents!

My Reading Corner
This is my reading corner.  I know there are not huge changes but I really think the "You are my Sunshine" picture looks so much better there than on my bookshelf behind my desk.  

My chalkboard job chart and my Essential Questions boards look a lot better and my EQ's are easier to erase!  

My students put their homework folders and spelling menus in the black cloth bins. There is storage underneath for me for little items like erasers and staples.  Much needed!  
Promise me, you will not open the teacher cabinet ever!!   
You could be crushed.  :)  

Magnetic Boards (Upcycled Serving Trays)
(It's amazing what a little spray paint can do!)

My Desk  
My desk in all of its glory...before and after.  I don't use it all that much and I haven't been as brave as some others who are letting their desks go.  
(I honestly don't think they would let us move it out of the room.) 

Cool File Holders
 Another Dolla Tree aquistion!!  I bought the little chalkboard stickers at Target last year.  Easy peasy and cute!

Little Changes
Just a few little changes here and a few little changes there.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crayon tower.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to little lost crayons.  Got a lost broken crayon that needs a home?  Put it in the tower!  If you don't have one, you definitely should get one!  It will make your crayon life so much easier!    
I am trying the glue sponges because the good Lord knows that glue sticks are just snacks.  And we are no longer allowed to have alcohol-based hand-sanitizer!!  Can you believe the alcohol-free hand-sanitizer exists?  
I thought it was like the unicorns...

Some of my favorite things...
I LOVE SITSPOTS!!!    If you don't have a rug and need spots for your little ones...GET THEM.  I LOVE THEM LIKE CRAZY SAUCE!!!  
"Boys. please have a seat on the black dots. Girl, have a seat on the white dots."  
Another one of my favorite things is my seat pockets.  My mother-in-law sewed these little cuties and they washed up like a CHAMP!  (Really, who has black and yellow seat pockets?)  If you need seat pockets, just send me an email.  She will be more than happy to sew you a set, in any color!!   

My third favorite thing is my Marvelous Morning Work by Tamara Russell.  I swear by it.  It takes us through the year step-by-step every morning.  I honestly think that she made it for my class!  ;)

My Counter
Another attempt at the before and after photos.  Definitely better after!

Just in case...they are ready to go!

Happy parts of my room...
 I upcycled my old rulers by making them bookshelf markers or dividers.  I painted them black and stuck some black and white washi tape on the ends.  CUTE!

So this is my classroom.  It is my second home.  Everyday,  I want it to be a happy and a safe environment for my students to learn and for me to live in.  Maybe one day I will be finished!  (ha ha)
I am so glad you got to come by.  
Virtual hugs!  

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Now, head on over to Primary Gal's blog to check out all the other classrooms!  I will be right there taking notes!  See ya there!

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