Friday, October 16, 2015

Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

Trick or Treat!!!!  I am so excited to be hanging with you and The Elementary Entourage!  I sooo love Halloween.  You can be funny and crazy and eat lots of yummy chocolate and no one really judges you...uhhh hummm...unless you are in a costume contest. Haha!  : ) 

Randomness: LOOK at these "Halloween" cookies!!  Perfect if you are learning about spiders!!!

We are thrilled to give you some sneaky teacher tricks and a yummy treat, AND we hope you join us. The more? The scarier merrier!

I'm going to tell you about one trick that has helped me the most and if you are TYPE B like me...then you will totally get it.  My time management is not really my thing.  I know...I know. All teachers are supposed to be "spot on." But sometimes I am not.  I get lost in our lesson or our activity.  Or we innocently head into another direction because of our activity.  Sigh...

You know, it's not on purpose, and the job always gets done.  But sometimes you just have to be on time. trick this year has been to schedule every scheduled subject, and event into my phone.  I know it's not "acceptable" in all classes and schools to use your phone...BUT IT HAS HELPED ME SO MUCH!  It's not just a's been a treat!!!  Take a look at how I have set it up...

I keep my phone in a small hidden place and the ring is soft...almost like soft bells ringing.  My kids know a transition is happening and I DO, TOO!  I just simply press "OK" and we move on.  If you haven't set your phone up...try it!! YOU WILL LOVE IT! 

(I know my sweet Type A friends are like "Ummm...Shana? Hello?") is a treat just for you!! Just click here or on the picture above. Here are some of my L Ending Puzzles! These puzzles are wild!! Okay...not really wild!!  But they will make a great center to help your little ones learn!!  Please enjoy!  They will be free until November 1, 2015!!   Hoping you have a great and awesome Halloween!! 


  1. that's a pretty cool idea to keep reminders on your phone. My clock was broken like all last year in my classroom. This would have

    1. way!! I have a broke clock, too! Now my broken clock is part of my word "CLOCK," LOL.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your Wild Endings activities!

  3. WHAT!! Spider chip cookies?! That is FANTASTIC! I am definitely trying this! :)