Thursday, December 18, 2014

Secret Santa Blog Hop

Hello sweet friends! 

I am so excited to be joining my sweet friends over at The Elementary Entourage!  They are some of the smartest and sweetest bloggers I know!!!  Each of us have a sweet little gift JUST FOR YOU!  I think we are going to make Santa proud!  

ANDDDD...since I am your Secret Santa, here are a few clues in the form of jokes.  Cause I love corny jokes!!

What does a snowman eat for breakfast? 

Frosted Flakes!

Do you love snow days?  I know some of my friends love them and I know some of them not so much.  For us here in South Carolina, a snow day could mean inches and inches of snow and by that... I mean like three inches...maybe.  :)  

Time to go get bread and milk!

I bet you know what my freebie is!  (wink, wink)  Okay...okay...I will tell you!  It's SNOW!!!!  

When we return to school in January, one of the things that we love to teach about is snow!!  The kids LOVE learning about SNOW!!  They love to learn about the characteristics of a snowflake and Snowflake Bentley! 

How did the snowman get to school?   
He rode his icicle!

Here is what we use to launch our lesson on snow!  You can use it, too!  Just click on the picture below.  

Characteristics of a Snowflake 

Snowflake Bentley more joke for you!  Snow more???  Ohhh...come on!!  

What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?

Okay, go check out all the other gifts from your Secret Santa over at the Elementary Entourage!  

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  1. Thanks so much! I love your freebie. I can't wait to use it with my students after the break. Here in Connecticut, we HOPE to get only 3 inches when there's a snowstorm! I'm glad we have a snowblower, and that my husband is willing to be the one who uses it! Merry Christmas!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Love all the snowy facts to share with my class! Thanks so much!!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  3. Thank you sweet friends!! I am snow glad you can use it!!